Hearts in the Past

Our Alzheimer's Program, Hearts in the Past, is a special care unit certified by the New Jersey Department of Health. The program meets all the criteria for providing safety and security, while achieving the high standards for which Seacrest Village is known in providing quality care and quality of life.

Intergenerational Programs
Hearts in the Past works with local schools to bring in children as volunteers to interact with our residents and to participate in various activities along with them. This interaction is enriching for both young and old and is a favorite among our residents.

Soothing Environment
Hearts in the Past strives to create areas within the environment that recall a sense of home. Family members are encouraged to continue this theme by personalizing their loved one's room. Our beautiful Walking Garden is nestled within a serene, yet secure, setting, provides exercise and an outlet for wandering, which is behavior associated with this condition. Shadow boxes, which are filled with personal effects such as photos and mementos, direct residents to their rooms. Plus, we play appropriate music during meals and utilize sensory activities to calm agitation and aid residents in recalling pleasant memories from the past.

Pet Therapy
A house is not a home without a pet. Our many canine and feline visitors are right at home among our residents and are a loving feature of our program.

Safety and Security
Our Secure Care resident security system enables Seacrest Village to monitor our Alzheimer’s residents while maximizing their independence and freedom of movement in their home.

From morning exercise programs to sensory stimulation, we recognize the need for various types of activities. Our staff-to-resident ratio exceeds state requirements and our Nursing Department is cross-trained to assist with the activities of daily living.

Nutritional Program
Our dietitian specializes in the needs and assessment of our Hearts in the Past population, and is available to them on a more regular basis than is typically found in most nursing homes. Benefits of this program include:

  • Nutritional assessment and meal planning

  • Mini-meals, frequent snacks and finger foods when desired

  • Hydration programs

  • Innovative interventions to address weight maintenance

Staff Qualifications
Hearts in the Past features physicians who are board-certified in Gerontology for effective management of patient care. We provide ongoing education to all staff members participating in this program. In addition, we maintain a library of videos, journals and Internet resources for the latest information and research on Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's Support Group
Seacrest Village works in cooperation with Southern Ocean Medical Center and the Alzheimer's Association to provide education and emotional support through group meetings for family members and caregivers.