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Long Term Care

At the Manor, we work as a fluid and fully-integrated team. Our highly trained professionals have the experience and sensitivity required to address the special needs that come with caring for older adults for longer periods of time.

Hearts in the Past

Our Alzheimer's Program, Hearts in the Past, is a special care unit certified by the New Jersey Department of Health. The program meets all the criteria for providing safety and security, while achieving the high standards for which Seacrest Village is known in providing quality care and quality of life.

Respite Care

At Seacrest Village, we understand that families need a break from the daily responsibilities of taking care of an older loved one. Whether you are going on a vacation, need to take care of personal business or just need some quality time with your immediate family, we have the facilities to assist you.

Adult Daytime Care

With adult daytime care from Seacrest Village, you can provide your loved one with individual care, comfort and stimulating activities throughout the day, while receiving the support and rest necessary to carry on your own life. 

Sub-Acute Rehabilitation

Seacrest Village has specialized in quality rehabilitation, transitional and restorative care for more than a decade. Because of this, we have become the perfect solution to bridging the gap between hospital and home. Our interdisciplinary team of professionals, under the direction of a physiatrist, promotes positive outcomes with a minimal length of stay.

Hospice Care

Hospice Care is a compassionate concept of caring for a terminally ill loved one. At Seacrest Village, our hospice program is palliative rather than curative, with an emphasis on pain and symptom control, so that our patients may live the last days of their lives fully, with dignity and comfort in a home-like setting.

Top-Rated Assisted Living

If you or a loved-one are looking for expert care, a top-rated facility and a community of active adults, you'll love the Terraces.

Sometimes, living at home is no longer safe or practical. Assisted living is an ideal solution for seniors who want to maintain their independence, yet need a little help with daily tasks like meals, bathing and medication assistance. The Terraces at Seacrest Village offers a variety of on-site services and amenities. We are always at your service so that you can enjoy a lifestyle full of options and personal attention.

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